I’m barely wining the fight against the past due notices. Work has been slow to nonexistent.

The last couple of job bids didn’t go well. They cut my price in half and I offered to rent them the tools for their number so’s they could do the work themselves. I sure couldn’t afford to show up for their kind of cash. I hope their kids like growing up like I did, in a house where you can see the outside walls from the inside. Your offer wouldn’t allow me to jimmy job  your mess. You hung your own wall board, To bad you didn’t read any documentation on how it’s supposed to be installed. You get extra stupid points for using all the scraps to finish the closets. In reality, You have shot yourself in the foot, get used to it, your gonna do it again and again before your through with this job. Normally, I would tell some one like you to go “F” yourself, but it seems you have not only mastered that, but elevated it into a art form. Pluhleeze post your DIY vid’s to youtube. The rest of the country, Nay the world need to be inspired with your stupidity.


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4 Responses to Surviving

  1. Sixbears says:

    That’s one of those jobs I’ll happily farm out to someone else. I know how to do it, but it takes me twice as long to do a job half as good as a pro.

    A friend asked me if he could do the drywall work in my dome -for free. I’d done him a lot of favors, but still. He’d been out of work with a shoulder injury and wanted to see if he could loosen it up enough to work. Guy did a great job. Then he went into business for himself in RI and made a decent living.

    • I could do the job if it were drywall, but not for his money. He mixed standard drywall board and blue board through out. He wants one coat hard coat….smooth. That changes the whole shebang. I could have one coat hard coated with texture if he had blue board through out. The two types of wall board don’t take water from the material the same way and complicate the whole mess. I’m sure so fly by night outfit will slap his job and give him what he deserves.

  2. D says:

    It’s been awhile since I last visited your blog Dragoon, and like you I do handyman work on the side, but because I do work 50+ hours on my regular job, I am not desperate for cash.

    Out of every 10 jobs offered, I will accept around two to three, and these are jobs that the client never attempted to fix, remodel, or just plain screw the fuck up so as to save a few bucks. As for those that I turn down, I simply tell them that if they want me to unfix their screwed up shit, I will charge them a $500.00 DUMB ASS fee. Well suffice to say, none of the dumb asses have accepted that offer.

    • I’m getting selective in jobs I will accept. But a recent job I had, I got shorted for 500.00. Now, I don’t care if he’s friends with the president or friends with the pope, He will pay up or spend the rest of his days walking with the use of 2 canes. Normally, I’m cool as a cucumber, But I have the addition of Grams final expenses worrying me. Not that they gonna repossess her. Now, I’m setting her with parts of a boat, waiting for a customer to get back from the regatta so’s I can fix his job. If he had not put me off for the week, I would be on the yough river, in a kayak, for the fourth, taking part in the white water carnage. I sure hope this guy doesn’t catch on fire, cause I wouldn’t piss on him to put him out. The current river conditions is at 3.5 feet and it’s a cool 55 degrees. One of my buddies offered me the use of his Kayak, but that’s his 500.00 baby and I wouldn’t take it out above 2 feet of water. I don’t want to lose the friend. Damn, Damn, Damn…. ROTFLMAO. My wet suit is hanging on the door right now, gear bag is all ready to go, and my PFD finally smells ok enough to use. This old man turns into a white water whore on days like these. Right now, I want to be on the river in a 200.00 beater kayak driving it like I stole it.

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