Thinking About The Sun

The Kill shot. I give this a better chance of it happening due to new factors in the Solar Cycle. Importantly, We have to factor in the weakening of earths magnetic shield. The point system I use to predict solar activity is seen a spike in recent months. It will be interesting to see how close it gets.

I’m not worried in the least, I just adjusted my long range plans to include the possibilities of  potential catastrophic solar events. No grid, no problems. But, I’m a country boy and never worried about the grid going dark. Later, Dragon Out.


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3 Responses to Thinking About The Sun

  1. Sixbears says:

    I’ve been following Suspicious0bservers for a few months now. Interesting.
    I’m not going to do much more than what I’m doing now. Always figured I could lose both the grid and even my own solar electric system. Made plans to live with out power. Very happy to have a well that constantly overflows, no power needed.

  2. Suspicious0bservers are doing much the same stuff I was trying to do, But they are doing a much better job than I. Now as I wrap my head around what a kill shot would entail, I’m rather certain that some of the smaller systems would remain unaffected. I feel that an solar array not tied to the grid has about a 50-50 shot of surviving. If affected I feel the charge controllers would bear the most of the damages. The grid would bear the most of the damages, because the entire grid is a huge antenna array in this instance. It bears noticing that there is little said about a ground type Tesla effect component ( telluric currents) to such a scenario. While I feel that a world wide outage has a higher chance of chance of happening I still wouldn’t put it up as high as some of the alarmists would.

    • Sixbears says:

      My system can charge from the grid, but is not grid tied. When I replaced the simple charge controller with a more sofisticated one, I kept the old as a spare. There’s very little to go wrong with the old design. Not much more than a couple relays. Eventually the bateries would go, but I could still use power directly from the panels for a number of things.

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