It’s Getting Unbearable

Work is next scheduled for next Tues. I’m sitting here without a boat. After checking on river conditions, I so wanted to be out there in a kayak. Those customers who do not care one bit about my convenience. I had 3 days before the fourth open and empty. The way this works is, it cost more to meet your schedule. My time is money and now you owe me, period. I’m very good at fixing things, it’s what I do. No more free estimates. No more rescheduling unless it makes it more convenient for me. When your toilet is broke, It ain’t my problem, my toilets works fine. I don’t care if you shit in your yard. When your living room ceiling is on the floor, It ain’t my problem. I was available Monday to repair it. But, you were not. It’s still not my problem. Feel free to call on my competitors. They might even answer your call, I might add that they charge way more than I and the only fix things half as good. And by the way, the guy they call to fix plaster is…… wait for it, Me. But they pay on time at the end of the day, in full… I sure hope you have to call me on the fourth for an emergency call….. It’s a double rate day. I got the sewer snakes and the water jets all ready to go. Some one some where is gonna back up a sewer on the fourth, happens every year.

That’s the life of a handyman. Some times I wish I could keep shut of this type of work. I got a tip for my long term readers, NEVER put green beans and mashed potatoes down the disposal at the same time. It makes a cement like material that kills the disposal motor. Happens every holiday. That gets the angst out of the way.

I’ll be dumpster shopping for suitable materials for my boat build. I’m putting free back into independence day. YEHAW!  On another note, I found a couple of videos to illustrate why I respect the Yough river so much. The first has the water table at 1.7 feet and the other has the water table at 3.87 feet.

The rock features called Camel and Turtle aren’t even  able to be seen in the last video. Both vid’s are  of the lower yough loop. There is still more white water after these. down to rivers end and beyond. But rivers end is the last take out point they where the tour bus will pick you up at. Rivers end to me might has well be a beginning of the trip. Never a dull moment.


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6 Responses to It’s Getting Unbearable

  1. See Sea says:

    Screw that, I’ll take the Gulf at its snottiest any day. The rocks are 200 feet below… You got some balls to run that river!

    • Sixbears says:

      See Sea, that’s play time!

    • Some folks gotta surf big waves, Not me. This is my backyard. That river doesn’t suffer fools lightly. You get to be old by understanding her like a lover, Every contour, Every mood, Every foible…She can be a moody bitch, That’s when you park your gear and wait for her to simmer down. Folks who fall in at high water, usually get found, their remains get found about a month, later snagged in a low hanging tree. There’s a reason I hesitate to buy used kayaks on craigs list. The trick is to get stuff that folks are selling because the river scared the spit outa them.

  2. Sixbears says:

    Nice. I grew up on rivers like that. Paddle them every year still. My house sits on the old Indian portage trail between the Androscoggin and Connecticut River watersheds. I’m building the OG with the thought of being able to walk it with portage wheels to either watershed. Either river could take me all the way down to the sea.

    I’ve noticed the disappearance of the small scale handyman around here. A few have gotten big, but most are gone. When the mill closed, it seemed that everyone with a pickup truck slapped a sign on the door and became a contractor. You can imagine how that sorted itself out. Everybody starved for a while.

    • That goose is gonna be a fun ride. Take a look at foam filled wheel barrow wheels, pricey but holds better than their rated weight. They are easy to roll too.

      When the mills closed around here, all the mill hunks became drywall finishers. That killed the wages and they haven’t recovered. As a handyman, I’m not after top dollar. I just demand respect or I’ll have to take the toilet back to the shop for repairs. Most of the folks I work with are plain good folks. But, the me first crowd get my goat. Forget Angies list, We got a list too. And if your name gets on it, A person can’t get service if they paid in gold.
      I repaired plaster moldings in “The Carnegie”, and folks gonna dictate my prices to me? I don’t think so. It’s a lost art, to make repairs that don’t look like repairs. Restoration is another sideline I do. One restoration job, just one room of a century old moldings can pay me more money than I made all last year. What most people can’t get over is that I’m a scruffy long hair beard with the rep of being able to fix their problems.

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