White Water Safety and Rescue

This is important as it illustrate self rescue techniques.


This is how the state does it.


I’m wondering how many boats they turned back that tried to help? It used to be the local fire chief would get out his john boat and help move those who didn’t have boats. We never waited for the state to help. There’s only two kind of calls on the yough, close calls and body retrieval. Every 4th yard sports a john boat. Go figure.


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One Response to White Water Safety and Rescue

  1. Sixbears says:

    I grew up swimming rapids for fun. Also learned how to exit a roller by swimming down and letting the current spit you out. Saved my life once. Those holes can be hard to get out of. Did both rescues and body recovery. One thing about recovery, there’s no hurry as they ain’t gonna get any more dead.

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