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Search For Missing Ohiopyle Rafter Set To Resume

OHIOPYLE (KDKA) – The search for a missing rafter at Ohiopyle State Park is set to resume Sunday morning.

According to officials, 22-year-old Rob Vega from Lancaster, went missing on Saturday while rafting on the Youghiogheny River whitewater rapids in the Ohiopyle State Park, near Dimple Rock.

The victim was rafting with some friends when their raft flipped over, and he fell overboard.

Here’s the Skinny. He went under near swimmers rapids not Dimple as the other media outlets have reported. His raft flipped while exiting Dimple rock and he was sighted 200 yards into swimmers rapids.


My heart and prayers go out to the friendsohiopylerapids and loved ones . I don’t have the words to express how I’m feeling right now. I’m sure the paddling community at large are saddened by any loss of life. I had a post for today, but it can wait in the light of this tragic event.


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  1. Vega was on a commercial whitewater rafting trip when his raft flipped over Saturday afternoon below the falls, Juran said. His PFD, or personal flotation device, slipped off and he was last seen with his foot trapped on the river’s bottom at Swimmers Rapids, Juran said.

    Two swiftwater rescue teams, park staff and guides from several whitewater rafting companies in Ohiopyle searched the river and banks on Saturday and Sunday. Juran said the effort turned into one of recovery at 4 p.m. Sunday.

    The recovery effort will resume at 8 a.m. on Monday, but only park staff and the whitewater guides will participate, Juran said. They will concentrate on a two-mile stretch of the river between Swimmers Rapids and Bruner Run.

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  2. Sixbears says:

    We’ve lost three people to high/fast water in NH lately. More flash flood warnings for tonight.

  3. I just checked out all my safety gear and double checked the straps on the PFD. Mine has the extra leg loops to keep the pfd from slipping over the head and shoulders. I spent more money on my PFD than I spent on my last boat and I’m a cheap SOB. It’s a good time to go over the procedures too. I think I need another, longer throw line before I hit the water again. It’s just paying it forward to some strangers who pulled me out of harms way a couple of times.
    It is of very little comfort, that drowning is about the most painless way to go. That I can attest to from experience. It’s when they zap ya with the electrodes, hit you with the adrenalin needle and crack yer ribs with chest compressions that hurt.
    The media really pisses me off, the calloused disregard for those who lost family or friends here. So hungry for a rating they will run with few facts and so ready to scratch a new chalk mark on the rocks at Dimple. This park has a good safety record. It has a better safety record than the whole rest of the river. If you are looking for a safe thrill go to a water park and stay off the yough. The allure of the river, that which brings me back year after year, is that it is not safe…..I’ll be there this weekend.
    The water will be high.

  4. Body of 22-year-old boater found in Ohiopyle
    Rob Vega of Lancaster was in raft with five others when it flipped Saturday
    UPDATED 9:59 PM EDT Jul 08, 2013
    OHIOPYLE, Pa. —The body of a 22-year-old Lancaster man was recovered in the Youghiogheny River in Ohiopyle on Monday, police said.

    Rob Vega, 22, was found near Bottle of Wine Rapid, where a search had been ongoing since Saturday. His family identified his remains.

    Vega and six other people were rafting with a guide Saturday. Officials said the group made it past the dangerous Dimple Rock, where several other boaters have died over the years, and moved into the Swimmers Rapid section of the river, when their raft flipped.

    “All the boaters were recovered, however this 22-year-old male was last seen just above Swimmers Rapid with his (personal floatation device) and helmet on. That was the last time they saw him,” said Ohiopyle Park Operations Manager James Juran.

    People should not be discouraged from boating on the lower end of the river, Juran said.

    “Understand your risk level. This isn’t a ride at Kennywood. This isn’t the raging rapids. This is a real Class 3, 4 river,” he said.

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