Unintentionally Saving Lives

I mentioned to a neighbor that I needed to go shopping for a new PFD, same guy who uses the equipment I was so down on. He tells me that the kid won’t ride in the boats with him anymore till he gets new stuff, so off we go shopping. So we stop at a big name sporting store and he’s crying cheap and cheaper, so I let him have it both barrels in the middle of the store. I tell him that one of the pfd’s he overlooked on account of price was the same exact brand that the last drowning victim wore when he died and that bargain basement gear he was looking at was sending the message that he didn’t care to live anymore, and hes was planning to off the wife and kid with him. he he he. I asked him how much was his life worth in dollars and cents and asked the same about the wife and kid.
I found some new leg straps for 10 bucks. Him and the kid got all new mid range stuff and enrolled in a weekend kayak course. I’m not telling this right at all. Ok, I’m not quiet, and others in the store heard me giving him hell. Ten or twelve customers changed their purchase choices after my speech. The manager gave me a gift card worth 50 bucks, I didn’t realize that till I got home. One of the selling points I used was to pick him off his feet while wearing the vest with just the shoulders of the vest and telling him that’s how a rescuer has to pull him into a boat. Another selling point is pointing out that the water levels are double over last years, also higher than a decade and the year is still not over. I got a few pats on the back as I left the store. I feel good. Hot Damn, I feel good.


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4 Responses to Unintentionally Saving Lives

  1. Good on ya
    Trying to save a buck and realizing that’s what ya did while watching your kid drown is not something I would want to live with.

  2. Sixbears says:

    There are plenty of other places to save a buck. PFDs ain’t one of them. Good job!

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