Florida to Anounce Open Season

This Is a Piece of politically charged satire. It is intended to provoke thought in the light of a bad situation.

In the light of the Zimmerman trial, Florida is set to announce open season on disadvantaged races of all types. Hunting of members of the white race will be prohibited, unless the following criteria is met. Homelessness, drug addition or pan handling. There will be no bag limits, We are culturally diverse enough to give you the maximum hunting experiences. What ever your tastes may be. Forget Texas and New Mexico with their tame catch and release policies. With Our new, coming right for us law, You can bag any disadvantaged person by badgering them until they rear up in defense and shoot away. Remember your legal kill must be verified by our willing juries. So a few defensive wounds will go a long way. Nothing major, just a few scrapes and bruises with extra points for actual stitches. Don’t wait, Book your trip today. Operators are standing by @ 888-GET-SOME.

That is biting satire of the worst taste imaginable and I sick to my stomach having wrote it. But I am sicker still about the events that caused me to write it. The release and absolution of a child murderer. To my foreign readers, America is an ugly place right now. I would not advise you to travel to visit here. Florida is permanently of my states to visit list.


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