Zimmerman Case Win A Loss For Us All

This article brings to light a damnable deciding factor in this case. Jury instructions.


NOW, You like CSI, I like CSI…Forensics doesn’t bare out Zimmermans story. Nope, Total science fiction. My second wife gave me worse wounds when I came home late from a night of drinking. Clocked me in the head with a flower pot, and I didn’t shoot her. This was a bad shoot. Every cop out there knows it. Every judge out there knows it. So why didn’t this victim receive justice? It must be the old standby, the southern myth of the out of control negro. Now, if you ever been in a fight, you know that the guy with the weight wins or the guy with the superior training wins. Both counts go to Zimmerman….He has the weight though he trimmed down for the trial and he was a young marine, and they teach you boxing, and he had a gun. He also used a slur in his 911 call, twice in fact….Hey, only thing missing now is the white sheet and hood. But the 3 K’s guys don’t allow beaners.

What we are left with, must be more closer to the truth. The beady eyed hispanic guy set it up and went hunting for negros. He got a young man child barely growed with candy and an iced tea and shot him to death almost on his own doorstep. See, This bothers me, how many are ready to take the defenses science fiction as truth and not realize they are racist. I’m looking around the blog sphere and wondering how many of ya’ll got white robes and hoods in the closet.

Here’s  a question. Who was standing his ground? Who had the right to stand his ground? The kid was almost home. Who hounded him all the way there? The Murderer.

The sad truth is that the american conservative is afraid that the Negroes will take over….

HE’s Threatening Me……BANG! If you want to live in this world, You better take off those rose colored glasses. It’s coming right for us. BANG!

Zimmermans win, is a win for the anti-gun crowd. Imagine that kids face with skittles and Iced Tea, on a poster with a caption that reads, ” Murdered in Florida with a Legal Gun”. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou to all the sheep who couldn’t see that coming. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Dragon Out.


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5 Responses to Zimmerman Case Win A Loss For Us All

  1. Sixbears says:

    Good points. Well reasoned.

    I’ve got issues with the media -as I often do. I happened to be in FL at the time, and not too far from where it happened. Local news reports were significantly different from later national new reports. All I know for sure is that we don’t have the full story, by any measure.

    You also know I’ve got issues with jury instructions.

    Now I ask myself: who benefits from race riots? Certain politicians and the police state?

    There’s the potential for things to go seriously FUBAR this summer. Heightened racial tensions, unemployed young men with nothing to do, heat, humidity -now thorw in some major grid failure.

    • theelderdragon15601 says:

      B-i-n-g-o,Your a smart cookie. Truthfully the smartest comment I have heard in days. When you look at it from the Hegelian dialectical perspective this is thesis – antithesis – result, written all over it. I used to work for those people, but to my credit I don’t think like them. And Bingo was his name O.
      It story boards out real neat, except when Zimmerman walks in front of a train, bus, or garbage truck. No one will notice the dapper dressed man who was behind him who walks away with a new found spring in his step, twirling his umbrella. Peace will regain equilibrium. The status will be quo.

  2. Adam says:

    Guess I’m one of the sheep who couldn’t see it coming. Are you for real? And no I’m NOT anything close to a liberal. I was enjoying your blog, but tell you wut. I’ll take your advice, I’ll ride out on my horse and Fuck You.
    BTW, you must be an ignorant fuck yourself-use spellcheck if you don’t know what you’re doing. YOUR roots are showing.


  3. Truthfully, You don’t have an Idea of how funny that “Roots are showing” statement is. You gave me a belly laugh on my birthday. Most folks get that I “spells” things funny on a purpose. Kind of sets the tone as it were. My rule number one is to break or fracture each and every rule of syntax, grammar, and spelling. I have found that it really torques the right folks off. Others who know me get a laugh out of it. I’m not a double digit IQ, I’m a former rocket science and computer nerd who likes the life of a modern primitive. Don’t get me confused with the rocket city rednecks, They ain’t even in the same ball park. CERN is more my speed. I have cast myself in the role of an idiot savant, a role I have played well since grade school. I shunned the plan, refused to play the game, and generally rebelled against authorities of all stripes for almost 50 years. I don’t know, Am I showing my roots yet?

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