Work has me so busy that I just fall asleep almost before dinner is done. At least I can keep the lights and the water on for awhile. I need a wood burner installed asap before the cold weather, as the gas furnace is done for. I’ll get back on the boat builds in about a week. Later, Dragon.


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  1. Sixbears says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Thought you dropped off the face of the world. Rain has slowed my boat build, but hasn’t stopped it. I’m doing epoxy work and need dry days.

    My lovely wife and I are pretty committed to spending almost all the heating season down south on the boat. Not buying any oil this year. I’ve some seasoned firwood I can grab for the price of hauling it. It’s not pretty wood as it’s been out in the weather, but I’m not a firewood snob.

  2. My connection to the interweb thingy is spotty as hell right now too. I’m worried some as my boat is way behind schedule too. I hear ya about rain as it seems to pour every other day here now. It sure helps to take the heat outa the day though. I got a chance at a barely used sail for the Trilo-18 too. I gotta find another 150.00 fer it and it’s a done deal. I got a couple of projects that I can’t talk about right at the minute. But if it happens, I’ll be setting right as rain.

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