New Wheels


Pictured is my newest freedom machine. 29 inch beach cruiser single speed. It is about to get an 24 volt dc electrical upgrade, so I don’t have a heart attack on the hills. Other upgrades planned: Panniers, Lights, Radio, Trailer, Ect. It is nice to have a bike sized for me, instead of looking like the bear in the circus riding a bike. The gas mileage is fantastic. One mess of beans and you can go for miles. The only downside is for hills you either stand on the pedals or push. Of course I live in the middle of some nasty hills, hence the electric upgrade first off. One more step away from gasoline addiction. I think 150 was  fair for the price. Now the mountain bike gets recycled into a space frame trike. That I might put a small gas engine on as they get about 75 miles to the gallon. Or I might go full hybrid on it. I’m not sure as of yet. I had on Mod on the drawing board that had a 72 volt electrical motor for it. But, I think I’ll keep it a mite more sane, say about 36 volt dc with a governor ( slow speed ) and an over ride ( for when no ones looking ). The new machine made it’s first grocery run with flying colors yesterday. I am pleased with the result. Funny, but that’s my first new bought bike in 35 years. This is also the first purchase of the year that didn’t have to do with work related items or bills. Well, I have to go, there’s a roof repair with my name on it this afternoon. Later Dragon.


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5 Responses to New Wheels

  1. Damn, I didn’t know you could still get a real bike.
    That thing looks heavy duty.
    Remember those aluminum forks that they slung newspaper bags over?
    The ones that slipped over the handle bars.
    That would be a nice way to carry a bunch of stuff if you could find the bar and bag set up.
    I used those when I was a kid delivering papers and they were a heavy duty canvas.

    • right now I have a rickshaw – trailer rated at 50 lbs. I’m thinking of modding a stanley job box into a trailer also. It adds some security being somewhat lockable as well as being able to carry my extra batteries for range extension and being able to mount a solar charger as well. I have no worries there, More wheels means less rolling resistance.
      After my evening ride, I realize a springer front end would be nice. I expect to change the cranks for a higher gear in the front and add a 5 speed hub to the rear. I cut my teeth over the last few years with the mountain bike gearing and am able to keep such in good repair. More important will be the electrification. I don’t know where I’ll end up there. Just that it will work. Target range will be in the area of 120 miles before recharge. I’ll keep the newspaper bags in mind, I never know what will turn up in my travels. I have been using a bike for about everything since my jeep gave up the ghost. I’m starting to feel that it is a viable option for about 3/4 of the years travels. I hope to be south before winter hits, but am losing hope that it will happen this year.

  2. Sixbears says:

    I’ve been very happy with my bike. Nice to have the option.

  3. anonymous says:

    If or when fuel becomes too expensive for everyday use, having a bicycle is a great way to get yourself around locally. And good for the pump and waistline – I should use mine much more often myself.

    The electric option sounds interesting – we don’t have many hills here (standing on a telephone book will gain you a view :^), but summers are fearsome hot.

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