Bike Post 2

The bike goes back to the retailer Sat. Something about a bent peddle crank. I was pleased with it’s performance right up until the crank bent during a bill paying run. I may upgrade my choice instead of just accepting a refund. I haven’t chopped up the old mountain bike yet, so I still have wheels.

In other news.  I found the electrical motors ( 36 VDC ) and almost all the parts a la carte style with the exception of a rear sprocket. So far it’s a no go. Bummer, as I got a Bedini charger already to go for it. The conversion is in the 200 dollar range. I also got in another AC motor that I’m going to experiment in converting to DC. If it works out, I’ll have to rework my bike plan. I got a feel for this motor. It may be a motor cycle build instead of a bike. Whether its a bike or a motor – cy – cool makes little difference, as I will be using dynamic braking on either. Another Idea I have been tossing around is to dump the battery and go with a capacitor unit.  I really want that 120 mile before recharges.

In a few more work days I can get back to the boat builds. The river has been calling my name about every night, almost as soon as I close my eyes. I can’t help it white water makes me feel more alive. There was a time long past, where it scared the $hit outa me. Now, I ‘m getting calls all hours from the guys and girls planning the next excursion. I can’t make them all, but I do try. I’ll try to document the kayak build, but won’t post it till after she passes her trials. I hope to trial her in about 3 feet of white water. That will prove the design to me. I expect to do some mild creeking with her too.  Insert foot note here: Tight Bond 2 and 3 have proven their worth to me as well as gorilla glue. I’m looking for a good glue to bond linen or dacron to wood for a project in the wings.

That’s all I got time for now, Later Dragon out.


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2 Responses to Bike Post 2

  1. Sixbears says:

    Best to find out right off if the bike will hold up.

    I went with a steel frame bike because eventually it reaches its fatigue limit. No so with the alloys. It’s holding up well. I did bend the derailer bracket, but it was a $5 fix at the bike shop.

    My small litle boat build is taking forever. When I’ve got the time, I don’t have the weather. A garage would be nice, but I don’t want to pay any taxes than I already do. Focusing a bit on the Oday as that’s the beast we’ll be heading south with this fall.

  2. See Sea says:

    I’ve used all 3 of those glues, good stuff! Though the Gorilla Glue is a bit of a pain, having to wet the surfaces first…

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