There’s a bad pic of my ugly mug.

Family problems has kept me away for the last little bit. My mother passed away and almost everyone lost their heads. My baby sis handled all the necessary, and did a fine job of it too. I have no illusions about how my Mom felt about me. She used to tell folks I didn’t write or call, but it gets old when you fall for it and she’ll be talking about how I was a disappointment in about ten minutes or less. She wasn’t always like that, so I try to remember the good times. Like when she used to sneak me into the back door of the Carnegie so I could stand in front of the dinosaurs. Later we would stop at market square for a hot pretzel from a cart and maybe a fish sandwich at the oyster house. I guess that’s about the fondest memories I can conjure. I have to leave it right there. Please don’t tell me that your sorry for my loss, I lost her a long time ago. She just caught up.

Later Mom, Tell Dad I said hi.


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  1. Sixbears says:

    Lost my mom years before she died. Dad said only the memories of the good times kept him around. Guy has a wide streak of duty running through him. After a 1700 mile drive to visit them, my wife and I wouldn’t unpack right off. We’d have to see how weird it was before we decided to stay.

    Her medical conditons and medications changed her and she did some crazy things. There was the Thanksgiving when she took the car, all the money, and disappeared for a few days. We finally found her in a casino in Montreal.

  2. I empathize with that. Mom lost her marbles when Dad died. I had a younger brother who wouldn’t help. She would have listened to him, the college boy. She sold some property for 4 thou that was worth way(10x) more and after her mother passed and left her some bucks, she took a cruise to Ireland. She didn’t come back till the money was gone and hit me up for grocery money the week she got back. I haven’t even got to the bad stuff. The relations came looking for the money and wondered why I loaded a pistol right in front of them. I give Mom credit, she let them know in uncertain words how she felt about them in her will. One final kindness she showed me is that she didn’t mention me at all.
    After all I am the only hell she ever raised. Under her guidance I grew up mean and stubborn. I knew where things were headed so it weren’t no surprise when it went down the way it did. I was proud to have my Lil Sister’s back in the middle of it all. So ends a chapter in this life.

  3. Philip Paul says:

    My mom drank herself to death. She actually died from a miscarriage, she bled out but the death certificate cited malnutrition as the cause of death.
    All drink no eat.

    She lost her marbles many years before that and my family gave me the choice to either have her institutionalized or let her die drinking.

    She was only 39.

    I couldn’t do it to her.

    It’s a much longer story in reality but that’s enough .
    It’s fucked up man.

    Anyway, the reason I’m here is because you have been awful quiet dude.

    I’m checkin’ up on ya.
    Put something up when ya get a chance just so I know ya didn’t drown yourself trying out a boat design, eh?


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