Rumors of My Demise are Exaggerated.

I needed some time off. Time to reflect and stuff. I had to get control of these bills here. They were way over the top.

I got them down to a dull roar. I had to sell my one kayak almost as soon as I finished it. Other commitments left me with no time to work on the Trilo. On the good side of things I got a life jacket I wanted at a closeout sale and picked up one of those SOG tomahawks. It’s a good tool but small in the handle length.But it chops well and throws well so I’m satisfied with it.

In other news, Ya’ll can figure how I like the news these days. Total bullshit. From the shooting of unarmed woman with her kid in the car to the closing of the ocean and the view at Mount Rushmore. Delusional thinking permeates the belt way.

Delusion of control: This is a false belief that another person, group of people, or external force controls one’s general thoughts, feelings, impulses, or behavior.

That sums up the right or left poli-tick-ians ( parasites ) these days. Seems we are well on our way to agenda 21. Anyone would have left Hegel’s theories in the shitter. But they are all the rage with the crowd in DC these days. 3 dimensional thinking pervades those ass clowns. But synthesis-antithesis-solution won’t fracking work. Get a bright computer nerd to explain the why it won’t work. I’m so glad I opted out of the DARPA Scholarship Program when I did. Being part of the problem ( .GOV ) ain’t good karma.

Watching a vid of those scum of the earth politicians applauding the murder of an unarmed woman by jack booted thug terrorists with badges, turned my stomach. They are wagging the dog, It’s time to worm the dog. Get those parasites out. Don’t turn yer haid away. Look at it until it’s part of you. That could be your Wife, Mother, Sister, Granddaughter, Niece, Cousin………Hmm. I don’t care they shutdown the government, I hope they don’t come back to work. We don’t need them. Not at all.


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10 Responses to Rumors of My Demise are Exaggerated.

  1. Sixbears says:

    Glad to have you check it. I was wondering how you were doing. Figured it was something like that.

    When I first heard about the DC shooting I looked over to my wife and said, “Did they just kill a woman over a traffic violation?” I’d be so ashamed, but I guess that’s one more thing separating us and them.

  2. Phil says:

    Glad to see ya are still kickin’ dude.

    I figured you was busy or something, life has a tendency to get in the way of things sometimes.

  3. See Sea says:

    Glad you’re still kicking. Yeah the poli-ticks have gone full bore insane, I just shake my head in disbelief at the total lack of outrage over the whole freakin’ mess. The torches and pitch forks shoulda come out a LONG time ago…

  4. Poseidon wants to know: WTF! Who told you that you could close the ocean? That’s just delusional.

  5. Phil says:

    Well crap.
    I just lost my Dad Sunday.

  6. I’m sorry to hear that Phil. I guess it’s our lot to keep going.

  7. Ticom says:

    Good to see you’re still around.

  8. Selous Scout says:

    Have you been doing any electronics experiments of late? I miss hearing about your free electricity and am curious about how you run the oil filled radiator heater.

  9. China says:

    Elder Dragon,where ya at Bro? Off doing some mad scientist shit I am betting! Like Scout says I enjoy your experiments,don’t always know what exactly it means,but i get the gist of it.

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