Back Again

Sorry I haven’t been posting. But, I found a girl and I’m hoping that she and I work out for the long haul. After 50, it’s slim pickins if you know what I mean. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I sold some stuff for to be able to heat the house this year without natural gas. So I’m using on the grid electric, backed up by kerosene, backed up by a propane buddy heater. It’s working well. Running a fridge, 5 gallon water tank, and the heaters, Costs 101.00 us ducats. I have turned off any phantom loads in the house and contained my activity to a few rooms. If I leave, I turn down the heat, but use just enough to keep it from freezing pipes. So far so good for December. If I can keep the budget going until the end of Feb, I’ll be good. Something important of electric heat is that it cycles instead of an always on state. Cost is higher on the always on type of heat. I got a few more armatures for some new turbines if I can stop selling them and use them for my own purposes. January is a windy month here and I hope to reap the benefits of that cold wind and turn it into real heat in real time. The smallest of the turbines has worked well, charging phones and misc consumer electronics. My rule of thumb is to take things off the grid and keep them of the grid. It works well and pays dividends. I’m working now to get another small gas generator to use for grid down emergencies.

Two heaters I was excited about, one being the oil filled radiator and the other was a small quartz radiant with a faux fireplace display. Fast cycling is a must for these units to heat in a cost effective manner and there are over the counter models available. Stay away from the models with bells and whistles, those set and forget units come with a hidden cost. The oil filled rad, heats my bathroom rather well at a very low setting and can be turned up to allow the temps to a comfortable setting for shower times.  Another thing I’m working on is a timer to set and turn on the water heater a certain times of the day. I project a 50% savings from that alone. I’m keeping a log and finding the best optimal settings for each application. It only cost is my time and the savings is huge.

Of interest the other day was a youtube video of someone using electrolysis of urine to make hydrogen to run generators. That makes sense in that I was experimenting with adding urine to my hydroxy setup to see if it would produce more hydrogen on low voltages with rapid cycles, and low amps.

Nigerian Teenagers Girls Invent a Urine-Powered Generator.

Published on Nov 8, 2012

14-year-old Duro-Aina Adebola, Akindele Abiola, and Faleke Oluwatoyin, together with 15-year old Bello Eniola showcased their unique innovation at this year’s Maker Faire Africa held in Lagos, Nigeria.

The system works by pouring urine into an electrolytic cell to separate the hydrogen. The filtered hydrogen then goes into a water filter for purification where it then be pushed into a gas cylinder.

Afterwards, the gas cylinder pushes hydrogen into a cylinder of liquid borax in order to remove the moisture from the hydrogen gas. Lastly, the purified hydrogen gas is then pushed into the generator to provide power to the bulb.

The girls claim that one liter of urine is enough to power the generator for six hours. Not bad for an alternative source of electricity! The urine-powered generator could prove to be useful, especially in Africa, where power shortages are rampant.

“One molecule of urea, a major component of urine, contains four atoms of hydrogen bonded to two atoms of nitrogen. If you place a special nickel electrode into a pool of urine and apply an electrical current, hydrogen gas is released.
A urine-powered vehicle could theoretically travel 90 miles per gallon.”  Adds a new meaning to filler up. Doing some rough back of the envelope calculations means I could produce enough urine to power my house on a daily basis.


I’m liking that idea.

I can’t wait for spring to come, though I fear that it will be a late spring. I’m itching to get back to the boat builds.  See ya all around… Later. Dragon out.


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3 Responses to Back Again

  1. Sixbears says:

    Good to hear your only major affliction is love. That will turn your life upside down, but often in a good way. Enjoy! I was wondering about you.

    Before we left for the winter, I had the grid shut down at my house. That means I’ve get a few off grid projets to complete in short order when we get back. At least I’ve got a substaintial solar electric system already. All my tiny constant loads will be shifted to a seperate small stand alone system so the big inverter can go into sleep mode and save power. The big inverter is inefficient with tiny loads. Also have some wood fired hot water to set up. I’ve got 95% of the stuff already, so that should go well. Of course, there are always the unexpected problems, but that’s life.

  2. Phil says:


    Well Merry Christmas to you and your new lady friend!

    I too, was wondering what you have been up to lately.

    This reminds me of an old dick head of a boss I had once who told me that the only excuse he would accept for being late to work was gettin’ some in the morning.

    I guess we can overlook your absence in this case. 😉

    Don’t be such a stranger though.


  3. well, my health is some better and I’m in better over all shape. Thanks to adding some more holistic things to my diet. Returning to white water has helped too. I’m hopping to have a boat ready as soon as the temps rise enough to take advantage of the higher spring water tables. The biking and walking have added to my stamina and I feel an overall increase in well being…Like 100% better than 6 months ago. The Lady made me promise not to get to nuts on the river, but she never seen how nuts I really am. We used to recite the litany against fear before hitting the high water. Well, I’m gonna back away from the edge a mite, but still trucking as it makes me feel alive again. I been feeling like the walking dead for to damn long.

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