The Pain, The Pain!

My shoulders feel like they belong to someone else. It’ll work out the next few times I get back to the water.

The kayak has a name now, It’s called FUBAR. In the works are the addition of two hard chine runners on the bottom with hard rubber kegs attached. Kills two birds with one shot that way. The two full length runners will help with both tracking problems and insulate the hull from the gravel bottoms we have around here, as well as provide the anchor points for the rubber skegs. Later on I’ll be working on the rudder solution. The rudder is a must if you want to sail up the river, and I plan to do just that. We have a pretty stiff wind available most days. It would be a shame to not use it.

I got a possible overnight river trip in the works also. My holdup here is camera problems and I find I need a hammock, otherwise the trip is a go for this weekend. It would be good to get out and practice some bush craft. If the over night gets cancelled, I’ll do a local day trip on a local crick. Here’s hopping I get some good pictures of any of the trips.

Stay frosty, Dragon out.


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One Response to The Pain, The Pain!

  1. Sixbears says:

    I like your modification plans.
    The rivers are still frozen solid here. People were driving on the lake a few days ago. My wife had both of her shoulders rebuilt, so I’ve been doing most of the paddling this winter. Some nights I could really feel it. Good thing we rarely did too much distance. We did paddle in gale force winds, so that was interesting.

    I’m glad I spent the money on the better quality kayak material. We landed on oyster beds, crunched the kayak against barnical covered docks, and had a dog’s sharp nails scrambling over the boat. It still looks good and never lost air.

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