Paddle Report

Loyalhannah Creek (Solo Trip)

Put in: New Alexandria, Ball field/boat ramp area near the Rt.22 Bridge. Boat ramp is marked by Army corps of engineers. It is advisable to launch only small boats with shallow draft there. The ramp is blocked with 4 large boulders to discourage launching of larger boats. The shear amount of trees and snags in channel would hole a larger boat.

Take out: Bush Recreation Area boat ramp.

Trip time: About 4 hours.

Synopsis: Warmish day in the 70’s with water temps around 50.  A father and 2 daughters were fishing the opposite bank from the put in. Though the previous day was the first day of trout season, I covered several miles before I saw my second party fishing the bank… That was all the ways down by the Osprey’s nesting platform. I made a few more miles before I saw my first kayakers on the water. Two bird watchers paddling up stream about a mile past Whitethorn creek. I had stopped to rest, eat, stretch my sore arms at a mud beach area near the Whitethorn inlet. I also checked in by cell to the crew waiting for me at Bush road. As I rounded the last meander, Ox bow I sighted the first Bass boat fishing off to my left as I made my course to the land mark cliffs. Once into the open water the wave action was more pronounce but rather mild. The best progress there was to get close to the cliff face and  lean into the paddle strokes a bit. The last boats I sighted,  there was a family of four in kayaks making slow progress against the wind.  About 1/4 mile later I was at the Bush road beach area. It was a good trip.

The beach mariner behaved exceptionally, Taking very little water. I haven’t installed a skeg or rudder yet, but focused on correcting my paddling technique. It is a very stable boat and I have been able to stand up and paddle when I needed to stretch. I have found a new respect for flat water, as it can be fun too.



Kayaking Loyalhanna creek back waters

The last is a vid that is not mine, but serves to show the cliffs area I was posting about. Happy paddling, Dragon out.

My Vids, Crappy but I’ll get better.:



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