Vid and Survival Thoughts

Here’s the final edit of the maiden voyage of the beach mariner, Enjoy.

I love discount stores. I got a  few items from a local Ollies store. Krylon paints for the boat at  $1.99 a can, A stainless steel cup for $3.99, and a Stainless steel 8 cup percolator for camping at $ 7.99.

Lots of good values there. At a recent trip to Harbor freight I replaced my fire steel, Head lamp,  and stocked up on some zip ties.

From Home depot, I bought a $4.00 Sheffield liner lock pocket knife and a $7.00 Husky Multi-tool.  The multi tool is already my new favorite. I almost never buy the popular name brand stuff, most of which is not worth the retail price to begin with. A case in point was a leatherman tool I purchased and used and returned the same day. It’s epic fail was that it’s can opener would not work, in the handle placement, in either hand. I have never bought another leatherman since. I consider it over priced trash. I replaced it with a $5.00 tool that still in my camping gear. It still opens the odd can of beans as well as been well used for more years than I would like to admit.

Another pet peeve of mine is “GURU” gear. I dunno who the fuck “Bear Grylls” is, nor do I care, And I ain’t buying shit with his name on it. You want me to use shit with yer logo on it, send me a check in the mail or go fly an F’ing kite. Another one of those guys, Les Stroud, Mkay, If you guys wanna drink yer own piss, and lunch out on bugs, Have at it. I will not stand in yer way, besides I need the laugh.

About the only stuff out there I like is the Pathfinder stuff, Except, I really can’t afford even the common man stuff, So I make and buy reasonable facsimiles. Survival is about having a functional brain, with some smarts , and a smidgen of common sense. If you ain’t got that, Your survival gear should include one bullet for every member of your party. That bullet will look plenty inviting after a week of lunching on bugs and drinking urine. I’m outa here, Later Dragon out.


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2 Responses to Vid and Survival Thoughts

  1. Anon says:

    It has been a few years since I have commented, but I have to agree with your assessment on the so called main stream branded survival gear. Now I am one of the lucky ones that have been able to weather this recession/depression without any major financial loss. or headache, but because my life was not easy up till about 2005. It taught me to always provide as much as you can for yourself without spending a fortune. Even though I do make good money now, I am still as frugal as can. Yes I do splurge on some good fresh made pastries and coffees, I simply refuse to be gouged by so much of the modern consumerist junk. Survival related gear is just as bad, and knives are at the top of the heap.

    Also, most of the stuff that Pathfinder profiles could be made for a lot less if you have some basic sewing and blacksmithing skills. It may not look as good as the factory made stuff, but it will do it’s job just as good.

  2. One thing going for the Pathfinder way of getting things done, is it allows room for individual achievements. I do like a whopping lot of what he does. I do everything below the shoestring budget, So when you see me assemble a brake drum forge and forge out my copy of the tracker knife, There is a reason. Another favorite of mine is the backwoodsman magazine, Been reading that publication since it started publication. I added a butcher knife to my kit the same week. So, I would say I come from the backwoodsman way and discovered The path finder stuff along the way. I can see where Dave uses a bunch he taught in the military and incorporates it into the 21st century longhunter. It works well and there is no reason, to go to bed hungry, if you are familiar with the principles of that.
    Thanks for your comment.

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