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All Nighter

I pulled an all night sorting and classifying scrap metals to go to the recycle yard this AM. Cans, brass, and copper. The mainstay of the modern hunter gatherer. If you have the right tools breaking modern electronics can yield … Continue reading

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The Best Laid Plans

The loss of the job and the resultant loss of income, has me redesigning my plans yet again. Last year I had some ambitious plans and then reality struck in a bad way. Two funerals and the rest had me … Continue reading

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Changing Up

I’m looking for a new job as the old one went away. I was also owed 400 bucks and I do not see it working out very soon. Well, Karma is a bitch. So I can almost feel sorry for … Continue reading

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Just Tired

Woke up in pain this morning. Not complaining, It was just a bit more than usual. Signs of getting old I guess. Well, the flooding last weekend put the stop to getting out on the water. I was bummed, but … Continue reading

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21st Century Longhunter Gear 2

Well, it’s a start anyhow. I’m pleased with the Rossi, though I might shorten it by 8 inches. The B-3 pellet rifle has nailed a fair share of squirrels. I find the cheap Tanto’s are some good kit after a … Continue reading

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21st Century Longhunter Gear

I started with a Rossi 12 gauge single shot.  Model: S121280BS                        Caliber: 12 GAUGE           Choke: Modified           Capacity: Single Shot Barrel Length: 28″           Action: Break Open … Continue reading

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