21st Century Longhunter Gear

I started with a Rossi 12 gauge single shot.  Model: S121280BS                        Caliber: 12 GAUGE           Choke: Modified           Capacity: Single Shot
Barrel Length: 28″           Action: Break Open           Finish: Blue Finish
UPC: 6-62205-97985-9           Grips Stock: Black Synthetic           MSRP: $170.97
Weight: 5.25 LBS… I walked away from the Dunhams store with a new one for $170.00 after tax and registration. Some simple mods are in the works for this one. It does shoot well.

I wish I had been able to do more video, but the tripod took a shit and I had to post what I had. I had but 1 Wax Slug prepared for the 12. The video shows the proof of it.  To make it, I used gulf wax canning wax and heated a little in a cup over low heat. I took the shot out of the shell and let it heating the wax before spooning the wax and BB’s back into the shell and sealing with a little more wax. It is a devastation load. I’ll prove that soon enough in another video, shooting water melons or such. I have 1 half  box of .410 3 inch loaded already and will make about a half box of 12 gauge 2 3/4’s ( black powder, daisy loads ). In the vid you see a place where most of the targets went down after being shot with a 9 pellet buck load. That was shot into 6 phone books taped together. I was impressed with that loading right there. Dunham’s got that in a box of five for $4.30 something. The rest of the shooting of the Rossi was with Target loads/cheap loads.

In closing, I think the 21st Century Longhunter Shotgun is a suitable undertaking. My Pap would have loved it. I went down the cheap road and am pleased with the result. I would have went with a NEF or a H&R had one been availble at a comparable price. I already have totally disassemble the gun once and am confident that I can keep this one operational for the rest of my days. The next post will be about flea market finds. So adios and hasty bananas till next time. Dragon out.

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8 Responses to 21st Century Longhunter Gear

  1. Philip Paul says:

    I see ya got a couple of partners in crime with ya.
    So that wax slug looks pretty damn wicked with the shot in it, very effective.
    Can’t quite figure out why you’d get a single shot, for that price you could have gotten a Mossberg 500 used, in good shape.

    I’m sure you have your reasons though.

    The weather was nice enough, looks like that white shit is done for a while.
    Now ya got me hankering to go put some lead down range.

  2. Sixbears says:

    There is something to be said for the simplicity of a single shot break action. I’ve got 5, one 410, 3 in 20 and a 12. I bought two of those. My dad doesn’t hunt anymore so he gave me the others. Some of my fondest memories are days hunting small game with my H & R 20.

  3. D says:

    Hey Dragon, here is a tip that a lot of modern people will balk at and scream unsafe period, but during the Great Depression, my Great Grandfather and Grandfather would use their only firearm they had. An old Sears & Roebuck 12 gauge single shot. To hunt deer with this, they would employ the practice of using cut shells as a type of poor man’s improvised slug. I hope you have heard of this, but there are plenty of tutorials on youtube and the effects of using birdshot shells as cut shells. They will cause a 5 gallon plastic bucket full of water to explode. Here is one of the best vids on how to do this and what the results are.

    I would be concerned about shooting these through a tight choke, so please you all common sense and safety prcautions while doing this.

  4. D says:

    And i wish that you would have mentioned something about wanting one. I have two H&R’s that I would have sold to you privately for $100.00. One a 12, and the other a 20 gauge

  5. Ornery, most of the game I have taken in my life was with single shot top break actions. The long hunter idea, by Dave Canterbury, is to maximize one gun with a plethora of adapters, plus reloading the field on the fly. In a pinch I can load a 209 primer on a spent shell and use it like a muzzle loader.
    Sixbears, I favor the 20 and .410 too. The modified choke on the Rossi is still tight a shot pattern for my tastes, Unless you like a side course of lead shot with the rabbit. Aim a might low on the rabbit at ten yards and the only gutting you will do is a quick slit of the wind pipe.
    D, I’m a fan of the cut shells but only in a pinch, I want to reload me hulls as many times as I can, The Rossi is a cherry gun that I busted the first caps in, It’s light and modern, though I hate the safety and the locking hammer on it. It’s holding the place for a NEF or H&R cylinder bore 12. I don’t like chokes. I like cylinder bore with 100 grains of 3f BP topped wit some daisy 177 BB’s. I hunt to eat and I don’t like missing dinner.

  6. anonymous says:

    I think the single shot break open is a fine foraging / woods walking gun to have. I have a mix of .410s (very light and handy to carry) a pair of 20s (H&R Tamer 20 is pretty tough) and a pair of 12s, a long tom 30″ Topper and a Korean Kassnar import I have a cut-down (just legal 18 1/4″ barrel) for a kit gun. I call ‘Junkyard Dog’ because its pretty fearsome. Very versatile too – just remember to plug up before you shoot it because its bark is pretty loud. I’ve been meaning to fit it with some type of DIY built iron sights – anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this ? A fixed small aperture rear sight would be cool.

  7. I think the single shot is under appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWCuxtJy5W4
    I used to shoot a single Stevens 12 that barely stayed together, Damn, I miss that gun.

  8. More proof of that wax load.

    Damn near a breaching load.

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