21st Century Longhunter Gear 2

Rossi 12, B-3 pellet gun, SOG machete. 2 Tanto blades, Sheffield Rogue

Rossi 12, B-3 pellet gun, SOG machete. 2 Tanto blades, Sheffield Rogue

Well, it’s a start anyhow. I’m pleased with the Rossi, though I might shorten it by 8 inches. The B-3 pellet rifle has nailed a fair share of squirrels. I find the cheap Tanto’s are some good kit after a little TLC. The SOG machete is a choice for all woods outings. The Sheffield is a flipping wall hanger, not worth the bucks. I’ll use it till it breaks and replace it with something better. The sling on the Rossi is an up-cycled strap from a tool kit, works like it was made to be there. Not pictured is my Pistol, Diamond rod, water filter, SS cup, and water bottle.

I’m starting the wish list right here and now.  Hand reloading tools for 12 and .410. Complete set of old hickory knives. One Rifleman’s frock XXL. One capote XXL. Powder and shot measures. 1 3/4 inch punch from hf.

I’m thinking hard about making a better reloading kit for the 12. Some of the ones I have seen shouldn’t be to hard to replicate. A stout tube the shell fits in should suffice with another tube that fits down in to start the crimp and finish with a steel rod or wood dowel to finish the crimp. I have seen a roll crimp that fits a cordless drill. Too bad a got rid of most of my BP stuff, or I would be good to go already. No big, Just getting stuff ready for shooting on Sunday. Sunday will be either, shooting or kayaking, maybe even both. There will be more videos either way. Tell me what ya’ll think so far. Later Dragon out.

1:21  Time stamp for the wax slug shot shot. 3:03 for 9 pellet buck shot. 3:50 for #9 target load. 4:32 for damage assessment of wax vs buckshot @ 10 yards.

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2 Responses to 21st Century Longhunter Gear 2

  1. anonymous says:

    A 12 gauge Lee Loader might be found for little money, I see them now on ebay for around $30 and up. A clever guy like you could probably make a homebuilt kit. Here is a link from Castboolits in making that happen.


    Might rethink that SOG machete, I have heard many complaints of its quality. An inexpensive Tramontina or Imcasa make great machetes, them Brazilians know their way around the jungle.

    Cool video – thanks for sharing it.

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