Just Tired

Woke up in pain this morning. Not complaining, It was just a bit more than usual. Signs of getting old I guess. Well, the flooding last weekend put the stop to getting out on the water. I was bummed, but when they close the boat ramps on three of the places I would go, I don’t chance the high water levels. I think the Yough crested at 11.5 feet or there abouts. The white water there gets plenty hairy at around 5 feet. So better safe than sorry.

On the shooting side of things, Dead Eyes .410 Rossi didn’t like the federal reloads. Wouldn’t eject em. Resizing the cases might cure that. The camera wasn’t co-operating or I would have some video. We did a recon of the area for possible deer stand spots and found a defunct moonshine camp, Bear sign, and coyote tracks. While the latter two are not unheard of around these parts, I felt good with a dozen 12 gauge shells in my pocket and the 12 on my shoulder. Normally bears don’t get down this far and any coyotes, can be rabid. Another thing we found was a deer carcass with no head, pretty far gone, mostly bone, with  no sign of being shot with either arrow or gun. Another thing we found was widow makers left by wood poachers. I know things are tough and folks are getting a tree or two for fire wood, but that doesn’t excuse leaving huge logs tangle in the forest canopy. Sooner than later will result in an injury or death.

Reloading for the Rossi 12 is a learning curve in itself.  As any wax load shells have to be re-sized immediately for reloading or ejection issues result. The rest of the target loads do not. I use some pop can metal shims inside an EMT tube that the shells fit in snugly and am happy with the result. The shim is wrapped around the shell, inserted into the EMT, and pushed out with a suitable dowel pin. The rest of reloading is accomplished with the stick and nail method. Definitely not fast by any means but suits my budget. 2 dozen shot shells take about 30 minutes or so. Soon as I got some bought BP, I’ll make up some 100 grain BP- 100 grain shot loads. Thinking about loading some 50-50 shells too. That will be some easier on the shoulder and a game taker if it patterns well. We will see sooner than later is my guess. It’s after 1 in the afternoon and I still feel achy. So later. Dragon out.

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4 Responses to Just Tired

  1. D says:

    Okay Dragon, if a reloaded shell enters a chamber with no resistance, but fails to eject because they are stuck is a very dangerous sign of exceding your pressure limits. With shot shells, there is a very little window of what make a reloaded round develope excessive pressures.

  2. for the record, my 12 almost always ejects the spent round (4 feet backwards over the shoulder), and most of the failures to eject are still partial ejected (factory 9 pellet buck shot loadings). Denoting the problem lies with the ejector and not the loading. Even with factory loads, I get 1 in 25 (factory target load) that will not eject at all. that in a single shot rossi 12. Also I had 1 misfire ( dented primer that fired after being re-chambered). I was pretty certain to use a scale before and after loading the wax loads, Keeping the total weight of the load under the factory loading. I’m just fussy like that. In the case of the .410 rossi, it didn’t like a brand and a H&R .410 did eat everything put to it and came back for more. The .410 rossi seems to like factory winchester and remington loads exclusively. As of this afternoon, I now have a sizing die made of aluminum for now to help with the rossi 12 re-loading. Loads re-sized with it have no ejection issues. If it works out, I’ll make a steel die for it. I’ll keep the .410 federal reloads to shoot in the Leinad, which has no issues with what it eats. Dead Eye will have to make do with factory ammo until I’m sure his .410 won’t have a failure. I’m missing my old NEF 12 which seemed to have no ejection problems at all no matter what load I had in it. Remember I reload with BP/ pyrodex exclusively. I am dead set against modern smokeless reloading practices ( bombs), even though I could get the whole shebang for 90 bucks right now. I’m just prejudiced for the black powder square loading principle. The 100-100 load tickles my shoulder enough for social shooting, but I like my field loads to bring home meat and not destroy it at 10-20 yard ranges, so I go with lighter loads.

    • D says:

      Damn, I am breathing a lot easier Dragon, now that you have stated that you reload with BP only.

      You have to understand that I was about 15 years ago a licensed and insured commercial reloader for a big indoor and outdoor range. I reloaded any thing and everything from the .25acp all the way up to the .50bmg. The one type of cartridge I would never try to reload for someone else’s weapon was shotshells.

      For me, I have a 12 gauge Dixie Gun Works dbl bbl cap lock. No shells to worry about resizing, repriming, and crimping. 90 grains of 777 under 90 grains of 000 or .7 shot gives me the best pattern.

      I do have a Mossberg 500 .410 that is a safe queen, so if you are interested and want to buy it let me know.

  3. Right now, the only .410’s I’m interested in is a Comanche pistol and a Leinad/cobray DD “nutshooter”. The common mans last shot X2. I figure a .410 #9 2-1/2 shell in the nuts can stop about any confrontation at close range. I’m holding out for a NEF 12 cylinder bore/ smooth bore. Cause I hate chokes. This modified on the rossi puts to much shot on paper at my woods ranges here at ten yards. No need for me to dull the rest of my teeth on a rabbit or squirrel full of shot. Lead is a lousy condiment. The whole sustainable gun with all the adapters is a plus on the 12, it will rock on the H&R, or the NEF, It will function adequately with the rossi…The single hammer with no bells and whistles is where I’m aiming. The only other 12 gun I like is the old Winchester trench gun ( the one with the exposed hammer). Not available on my budget. Might as well be a Saiga, which is my third choice of shotguns worth a damn. I’ll end up putting a heat shield and ghost rings on the rossi before my other choices show up. If I had just a little more shop time this afternoon, I would have lopped 8 inches of the rossi and re-crowned it, pronto like. The guns I like are indicative of the short ranges in the Penna hills and woods. A squirrel might be way up a tree, but as the shot flies, he’s only about ten yards away on a level with my sight.

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