Changing Up

I’m looking for a new job as the old one went away. I was also owed 400 bucks and I do not see it working out very soon. Well, Karma is a bitch. So I can almost feel sorry for the individual. Almost.

Changing up from boom-sticks and thunder to lightning.  Here i have to say thanks to folks who shared links to me for the various electronic schematics and vids.  I would love to give the due credit, but can’t remember who shared what. I am indebted to those who did share these circuits. They were a life changer for me.

First up is the :

Once I got my head wrapped around the simple rewire of the ceiling fan motor, I went for a vertical turbine and not horizontal. I have now built about 100 of these. Output the “product” (12 VDC) into a bridge rectifier circuit. *** Google it*** Mkay, The Product now goes into a suitable 12 VDC battery or bank ( I also had some capacitors in the bank). I omitted using a charge controller, But I did so because I didn’t have one on hand. The trick here is how I was going to use the “product”12 VDC. I fused the battery connections and put it inline with a Microwave Oven Transformer (MOT) 12V to 120V Inverter:

My build was not a s pretty as his. I got around the  transformer heating issues, by putting the transformer in a 2-1/2 gallon oil bath. Now is the important stuff. My setup was an intermittent one as the end use was a used baseboard wall heater which switched off and on as needed. I ended up with three of them in series. My build ran at about 130 VAC at around the 200 hurtz mark. That is how I used the winter wind to make free heat for my domicile. Now I’m trying to figure out if the setup can run AC for the summer. I just love experimenting with this stuff. I had some failures with the system till I got the bugs and kinks out. But it really helped me  to be able to afford to live warm.

In closing, the rough mash up I used could really go a long way if someone invested some small amount of time and money. Small wind is a better alternative than systems costing hundreds and thousands of dollars. It works out like small start-up costs and the sky is the limit. The bang for the buck potential is tremendous. When I build my Trilo later on this season, I’ll be using a proven small wind gen/alt VAWT for power. The savings in weight and bucks is my main motivation there. I can’t do enough to get folks to take a cheap ceiling fan armature and add some magnets to it, just to experiment with. I started with the cheapest I could get hands on and went from there to the best value ones on the market these days. Of all the VAWT’s I built, I have a hard time keeping them around as folks buy them off me almost as soon as I finish them. One of the things I love about the inverter is that it is built with easily available parts and is upgradeable to the max. The proof of the system was I started the winter with a few fan motors and output the 12 VDC directly into the heating apparatus and ended rather late in the season with a unit that was generating a significant amount of heat. I think that there is enough left over watts to power a 5 gallon water tank.

And here’s where I got to put the disclaimer: use safe practices always. Don’t fry yourself, If you get hurt, it’s your fault, not mine. ect ect ect…

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