The Best Laid Plans

The loss of the job and the resultant loss of income, has me redesigning my plans yet again. Last year I had some ambitious plans and then reality struck in a bad way. Two funerals and the rest had me scrambling to scale down the trip plans until this spring. That was working out until my part time employment kept trying to use me full time. Nor am I in shape to work full time at a break back construction job. My body rebelled and I slept for 12 hours straight, several hours past when I was supposed to be at work. Ten years ago, I would have went up to the dudes house with a sledge hammer to collect my due. His prize harley would have been  remodeled until he paid up. Well, I’m a lot more mellow these days. So, I’ll be taking the high road and ignoring the debt and working around the problem. There is no shortage of folks who need small jobs done and small jobs can pay better than large jobs.

In the mean time, I was looking at the kayak while I was washing and prepping her for modding her hull and stopped for a bit and got my sketch book out. I’m still gonna finish this one out and change her color, resulting in her being more resistant to UV damage.  The hardening of the hull fore and aft are still a go too. As well as using the bed coating on her on everything below the water line on the outside of her hull. The plans for a sail and rudder will wait for boat # 2.  It will be more cost and time effective to build a 10.5 foot wooden hull to incorporate the mods from the get go. I’m confident that I can fabricate a reasonable facsimile of what I’m picturing in my head. The only hold back is what materials are available locally. I’ll have to get some pictures of the gashes on the hull to illustrate what I have to deal with here. I feel the need to build something. It maybe that I will build two of them, one for sale to help defray the expenses of the build. That”s all I got time for today, so stay frosty till next time, Dragon out.


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4 Responses to The Best Laid Plans

  1. Sixbears says:

    I was curious about the state of your various boat projects. My projects keep getting set on the back burner. Family matters kept me away while the sun was shinning. Now that I have some time to myself, it does nothing but rain. Right now I’ve been forced to fire up the generator as the lack of sun has seriously depleted the battery bank. Still cheaper than grid and worth it to keep the wife happy. More rain predicted for tomorrow.

    My little sailboat project hasn’t even had the winter tarps off it yet.

    I did use the day for a trip to the lumber yard, so it wasn’t a total waste.

  2. Projects got mothballed over the winter season and I had to concentrate at keeping the house warm. That was mostly successful, excepting the cold snap that took out my plumbing. Then work got in the way. The Trilo Byte is mostly cut out and ready excepting some pieces of the hull that I needed to use to repair the back porch roof. No big, It just means I need to re-cut new hull pieces. I need several gallons of resin to complete the trilo.
    The Hampton Harbor #2 boat that I was building got sold before the paint was dry. #1 hampton I built never got finished as I destroyed it before it was done. It had to much flex to be worthy to be called a boat. It was a death trap.
    The boat I drew up today doesn’t have a name yet. It has the flat midsection tapering rockers to the fore and aft sections, Extra sectional/chines/lames what ever. Small footprint despite is length. 25% more room in the cockpit, with a dash board ( I think an built in compass is worth it). Better stowage spaces with better access. Stitch/tape/glue process using Titebond 2-3 for the first one anyhow. And I may be using organic cloth ( Linen) for the lamination’s throughout…

  3. D says:

    Dragon, have you heard of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. This is the only place on the net that you can earn money by working on what are called HITS. Most of these are going to be university surveys and questionnaires that pay around $1.00 for a few minutes of your time. No, you will not get rich doing this, but on an average month I earn an extra $180-200. There are some hits that only pay as littel as one cent, but they are quick and when you reach 500 and 1,000 approved hits, you then earn qualifications of more hits being opened to you.

    The only thing about this is you have to pay close attention to the directions and questions, there are trick questions that weed out those that are only trying to earn money by just randomly answering the ?’s as fast as they can, and hey, it is the least physically demanding work i have ever done.

    As to the money you earn, you can have this transferred to your bank account into your general Amazon account. Amazon will send you a 1099 and yes, you will have to pay your own taxes, but it is a source to earn a little extra cash.

  4. I’ll give it a look over. If it works out, I would be free to work on some writing that I been struggling with for the past few years.

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