All Nighter

I pulled an all night sorting and classifying scrap metals to go to the recycle yard this AM. Cans, brass, and copper. The mainstay of the modern hunter gatherer. If you have the right tools breaking modern electronics can yield some smart payoff. One twelve hour stint and my finances are back in the black again. I still have to make another trip on monday. I give thanks for my air chisel, saws-all, bat drill, and air ratchet. Add to that a dozen different pliers, crescent wrenches, and wire cutters and you are good to go. The good thing is I didn’t have to hit my armature pile. They are worth more after rewiring them into alternators and generator setups. When you do this right, it pays better than a part time job. Hopefully Monday puts me enough over the top to get back on the kayak modifications. I need that soft hull hardened before the next trip out. On that note, I think System 3 is about my best over all choice. I’ll add some interesting videos I came across before I split.






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