Sunday Woodcraft/Survival : Fire

Just a little video about making fire on wet ground using a ferro rod with the Sheffield knife. There’s a little cameo of cheap ass gear. The ferro rod was camera shy and I didn’t edit the trouble I had with it. I usually get a fire by the third strike.

“Do we have the capacity to make fire? Most humans have enjoyed that privilege since the Stone Age” Ripley, Alien3.

Fire lay for wet ground. Ferro rod got camera shy, but I didn’t edit it out. It’s not rocket science. Like that other guy says, practice the skill until you own it. But, never let them see you sweat.
Cameo with a bunch of cheap gear.
Coghlan’s ferro rod (Dick’s)
SOG machete (Wall Martian)
SOG Fast Hawk (Wall Martian)
Sheffield Rogue (Wall Martian)
Home Depot Husky Multi-Tool
Home Depot Sheffield Liner Lock Knife
Cheapo Tanto Blade

Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s crap.

I hope you enjoy that little vid, Later, Dragon Out.



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3 Responses to Sunday Woodcraft/Survival : Fire

  1. Sixbears says:

    Darn useful tool for us watermen. It’s what I used to start my cooking stove on the boat all winter. Also use it on my outdoor kitchen propane stove. Just used one to make tea in fact. I love that it sparks when wet.

  2. I like the coghlin’s ferro rod, I’ve had a dozen or so different types, but It sparks very reliable, excepting when I was videoing it. My favorite fire starter is the battery and steel wool trick.

  3. Ticom says:

    Your video and tools remind me of my old friend and fellow woods runnin’ survivalist Jim T. He would get the Smoky Mountain Knife Works catalog in the mail and order their cheaper knifes to see how well they worked. I don’t think he ever spent more than $10 or $15 on a fixed blade. The cheaper stuff held up in the woods just fine. I bought one of SMKW’s cheap tanto knives a couple decades ago. I think it was made in Pakistan and cost $10. Beat the shit out of that knife, and never had it fail. Left it in a cache at my grandparent’s place, and it’s still probably there.

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