Selling The Boat

I listed the kayak on craigslist and got 8 hits in the first hour. It will have a new home tonight, I’m sure. I need the cash from the sale to start on kayak #2. I might just build 2 kayaks and sell another one to put me back in the black. Build for #2 will be quick and dirty. Laun, Tightbond 2 and wide drywall tape at all the seams. I’m planning on 10 foot 6 inch hull with hatches and covers fore and aft. I need the storage for my camp gear.

Everything is a learning process and built to many models over the last year to get some ideas what the finished projects would look like. It’s easy to build something to float. It’s damn hard to build something to float well. This is gonna be a trip. I’m hoping to complete the kayak in about a weeks time or so. It isn’t helping that I lost all my old notes in the last computer crash. I guess it will get easier after I make my first dozen or so.


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2 Responses to Selling The Boat

  1. Sixbears says:

    Dang, you flip -em quick.

    Well, if it’s not exactly what you need, might as well.

  2. It hasn’t sold yet and I’m hoping that one of the women respondents gets it. It’s a good boat , but not up to the kind of hell I would put it through. I’m thinking I need more gear space for longer trips out. If I beat it up, I wouldn’t be able to give it away. I’ll feel more at home in a wooden boat. One I can cut into to mount a proper sail rig and a rudder. Besides, I feel more alive when I’m building things.

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