It’s SOLD!

I wish it’s new owner well. A pretty lady snapped it up 5 minutes before the other guy was about to arrive. Funny thing was she wasn’t suppose to show up until tomorrow But she came out today and left with her boat. So I’ll be off to the supply yard tomorrow to score some materials for Numba F’ing #2 Kayak.

Here’s the winning ad:

Package deal, Firm $200.00
Everything to get in the water now.
Comes with adjustable paddle, paddle leash, bilge pump, and 2X life vest.
Bonus Item, Celestron Re-Trace.
10’4″ length, weighs 43 lbs.
300 lbs. weight capacity
High performance stable multi-channel hull
Cockpit console with bottle holder
Adjustable seat.
Step lock footrest system
Front storage hatch with rubber cover
Rear storage hatch with rubber cover
Front and rear bungees
Front and rear carry handles
Molded in cup holder
Drain plug
Very stable kayak. Good for day tripping or fishing

I keep looking at the boats over here:   and wanting to try one out. With some mods of course. We’ll see. Later


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4 Responses to It’s SOLD!

  1. Sixbears says:

    Good for you! Nice when you can sell something to a pretty lady. Are all your sales pitches to the pretty ladies so effective? 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about your boat build. Don’t go too cheap on the materials. I once built a 20 foot cedar stripper canoe. Should have used epoxy instead of polyester, even though epoxy wasn’t in the budget. The canoe provided 10 good years of rough service, but I’d probably still have it if built in epoxy. Delamination problems plagued the boat during it’s last few years.

    Loved that canoe. Paddled well. Carried my wife, three kids, myself, 10X16 canvas wall tent, and piles of camping gear.

  2. After going through my surviving notes, I’m itching to have a go at the Spira international 12′ Huntington Harbor Kayak again. I cut to many corners the first time I tried it out and went to fast. I’m thinking of using Titebond 3 for the framing and finishing it with AeroMarine epoxy. 1/4 inch Birch is cheap this week, so Birch it is. I’ll take more of my time on this one to insure I don’t build another burning man project. This one will be a learning project and more situated for me to have something available to get on the water as I work out my final project. My only misgiving is that at 12 foot, it limits how far up the tributaries I can go.

    • Sixbears says:

      Epoxy over cheap plywood is better than marine plywood alone, in my book.

      I’d built the canoe really cheaply. Got a cedar log from my land. Worked out a fiberglass buy with a group of people to get a huge discount. I had no idea the project would have come out so well. Of course, raising 3 kids I was always broke. (they still keep me broke.)

      A buddy who built a 17 foot canoe at the same time but used epoxy still has his boat. It was finished using graphite/epoxy mix on the outer layers. Very bad ass looking black boat.

  3. All good points for me to remember. I just got to keep my eye on the prize, that being paddling out there alone, with nothing but bird calls and the sound of water gurgling under the hull. Every little cove is a new adventure with small treasures waiting to be found. I found the cobalt glass for my candle lantern in a pile of drift and added a copper collar and bail to it. It shines with a surprising white light. Every meal in a cove is a kings feast with an appetite whetted with the days exertions. But you know all that, having been there yourself. Thats why we build small craft and tweek the bejesus out of them.

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