Bait and Switch

I went out to pick up the plywood for the boat and it magically had doubled in price. I hate box stores. I was so pissed off, That I left the cart in the middle of the aisle and walked out. They blew the whole sale, I’ll go to the other store this weekend and spend the money there. Even on line the prices change daily. Had I ordered the epoxy the other day, I would have paid ten dollars more for the purchase and another 7 bucks on shipping. Now I’m getting it cheaper with free shipping. Go figure. I made a side trip over to a discount outlet and picked up a few incidentals reasonably priced.

I made some head way on the layouts for the boat, between the rain showers. I got then plan firmly set in my  mind and don’t have to keep going back to the plans for verification of measurements. If this rain will slack off for a few days I could get started in earnest. I’m building the kayak under a shade tree. I also got a few odd jobs to finish off to keep money flowing. Cash flow will make a difference if/when I get to fiber-glassing the hull. I still need a supplier for 3 yards of 6 oz x 50 inch glass cloth. The local stores only carry a small amount of glass cloth for body work. We shall see what the universe provides.


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One Response to Bait and Switch

  1. Sixbears says:

    I’m helping a friend with a house remodeling project next month. He went on-line to get an idea what the cost of materials would be. I had to warn him that he’d only get a rough idea as prices change quickly. This is another “without building permit” project. The idea is to blend it in with the orignal construction so well that you claim it always was that way. Not your fault the last tax guy screwed up.

    I hate those teaser ads for things never in stock. I ended up using 1/4 floor underlayment plywood. It’s all getting epoxy and paint anyway.

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