Boat projects on hold….Again.

Fuck home depot, Fuck Blowes…. There has to be a supply company who actually sells what they advertise. Where are the half gallon sized containers of glue? Where is the 7/32 tri-ply on aisle 18? 144 pieces of invisible products. Don’t get me started about your brain dead knuckle dragging employees. You would be better off hiring the “Special Needs” guys and gals. I bet they would be able to help costumers find things in your stores. I need glues in the half gallon and gallon sizes, Not F’ing pints.

By the way neither of you franken stores stock boat nails. You guys do stock wood, right? Both of you stores just let a 200 dollar sale walk out the store. This was the 18th time I walked out of your store(s) with my hundred dollar bills still safe in my wallet…. Do let this worry you none, just go back to hand jobbing the home decorator women with their cuckold husbands in tow. You piss me off ya F’ing Jagoffs.


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One Response to Boat projects on hold….Again.

  1. Got a surprise call this afternoon from home depot. Gonna post about it today.

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