The Boat Is Started

I had a window of cool air without rain for a bit yesterday afternoon. So I knocked up a minimal strong back and started making the frames out of 3/4 pine.

strong_2014-06-17 frame_2014-06-17

After knocking up the frame I worked on truing them, lest small errors seep in. Next, the frames will be mounted on the strong back jig.


It will take me some time because I have to cut bow and stern stems from some select wood. To get the grain patterns I want, I’m cutting these 2×4 sections out of a 2×10. Also I’ll be changing the stern from the design. I’m squaring the stern, while keeping the volume, Better to mount a minimal rudder. Another fun part of this project is using minimal tooling for the job. I cut my frames out with a folding camp saw. It worked well. I dressed them out with a 4 inch grinder with an 80 grit wheel, after screw clamping them back to back and adding some spacers. Everything on this project is measure three times and think about it before cutting, gluing, or screwing. The builder would be best off making a jig to insure the frames are identical. Another Change to the design is, I’m adding a blunt section forward of the bow stem and making it changeable. Better to bump into things with. We’ll see how that turns out.

Links:  The Boat.

Boat building books (free).

They have many interesting things over there. Check them out.

that’s all the time I have for today. Later, Dragon out.




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