Design Changes

I had the frame tacked up in the stock configuration and did the walk around.  Some of the changes I made were due to the available materials. The stock bow stem is great until you factor in rocks. So I had figured to  add on a changeable nose section there. Also, on the original design there is no distinction between bow and stern, You could just swing the seat around and the stern became the bow. It limited what I could mount on the stern section to use as a rudder. After all I’m going to mount a small sail eventually. What I came up with, is to make two stern stems and figure out which suits the boat overall best. Lastly I UN-tacked the two frame sections for replacement. The new sections will be 1-1/2 inch narrower than before and be cut out of a larger piece of one by. Better to get clear sections of better grain wood. I think the changes will help make a stronger boat and a quicker assembly. I still haven’t found a rudder that’s says “pick me” I’m perfect for this application. I think the extra fuss now is worth it, rather than me be sitting on the water bitching about things later. An ounce of prevention now, is worth a pound of cure later.

In other things, the choice of Titebond 3 seems to be the right choice of glue. After an over night cure I can’t disassemble my test pieces glued with it. They will break away but not on the bond line. I must say I’m very satisfied with this product.

Lastly, I have run afoul of  something called “Giant Hogweed”. Something new after 50+ years on the planet. Nasty stuff. Poison ivy pales by comparison to this shit. Now I need a remedy that works.

Safety precautions to follow when controlling giant hogweed plants:

  • Do not touch the plant with bare skin
  • Do not touch your bare skin with sap covered gloves
  • Prevent UV sunlight from reaching skin by:
  • wearing long waterproof gloves, long sleeves, pants, boots, and eye protection; synthetic water-resistant materials are best since cotton and linen fibers can soak up the plant sap and be penetrated by plant hairs
  • If controlling plants with multiple people, keep a good distance from one another as the sap can splash three to four feet
  • Apply sun block before beginning to work
  • Launder clothes that may have contacted plants
  • Wash equipment with water immediately after use
  • Limit exposure to sunlight after control OR work around giant hogweed plants after sunset
  • DO NOT use a “weed-whacker” or brush cutter – sap may splatter as stems are cut
  • Keep water, soap, and eye-wash near work area in case of exposure

What should you do if you are exposed to giant hogweed sap?

  • Wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and COLD water as soon as possible
  • Keep exposed area away from sunlight for 48 hours
  • If a reaction occurs, topical steroids applied early can reduce the severity of the reaction and ease discomfort
  • If sap goes in eyes, rinse them with water and wear sunglasses
  • If a reaction has occurred, the area of skin may be sensitive to sunlight for a few years and you may want to apply sun block or keep the affected area covered from the sun when possible
  • See a physician if you have a reaction or any questions

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2 Responses to Design Changes

  1. Sixbears says:

    Hogweed is the worse. Evil stuff. I was looking at an old MacGregor 22 that a guy was practically willing to give to me. The problem was that Hogweed had grown up all around it. Nope, nope, nope. I didn’t want to deal with it to get the boat and trailer pulled free. Also did not want to take a chance that I’d bring any hogweed home. For a guy with lung problems to begin with, hogweed could send me to the hospial.

    As for your boat project, photos please.

  2. We never had to worry about hogweed before, and I was hacking through some with a machete last week. Now that I can identify the stuff, I have run across it before, but not like this last time. It has taken up an entire meadow close to a local stream. That stuff hurts.
    I’ll get some pictures as soon as I get the new frames mounted on the strong back. It should just about fall back into place now.

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