Splices and Stuff

Made progress this afternoon on the keel splice. Next I’ll work on the chine log splices. Making a 12 foot boat out of 8 foot stock is taxing. Not as taxing as doing wood strip work. Well, with the keel done, that establishes the rocker and I’m a happy camper there. I keep coming up with ideas every time I do a walk around. As I look around on the web at this model boats others have built, I’m struck at how high she rides in the water. Also how wide it looks. But you can’t get a good idea until you trim the load and put it in the water yourself. This one is strong enough to take the turn at rivers end at high water. The one I built last year better portage around such hazards. I know I’m being overly fussy, but this is the foundation on which the rest of the boat is built on and around. A 32nd of and inch here translates to an inch or better over there. The first boat I built last year was proof of that. Adding a few other flaws to the frame had me burning the frame and starting over from scratch. The fatal flaw for that boat was too much reliance on laminated products throughout the entire frame. It just had to much flex to be safe. I can see me building another of the hulls again, though I would lose the top third of the boat and finish it more like a traditional kayak. I think I need a more permanent strong back.

Another thing here, I should post about, I’m using just the basic tools here. No joiners, planers, table saws or chop saws. I’ll have to get a picture of that for a later post.


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