Learning From Mistakes

Kudos to Dead Eye who got the lesson of the no sweat fire lay. That being little or no smoke from the fire. He asked why I posted the vid, mistakes and all. So I replied, That I needed to be reminded that I make simple mistakes all the time. One being to removed my glasses when striking the fero-rod, better to judge where the sparks are actually going. The second being to rotate the spine of the knife to 90 degree forward before striking. He’s a smart kid. He asked a second question about why I’m making such a blunt bow section on my kayak, To which I replied with linking him a few vid’s of the plastic boats on the river and asked him what they would think of a pointy knife sharp bow section bearing down on them. I know well that answer, The play boats congregate in the eddies right after a feature rapid, and they get awful nervous when a wood boat gets pointed their direction. The play boats got an elitist attitude, acting like the river belongs to them. I got rid of the sharp edges on the bow and it’s gonna be more of a battering ram now. His last question was about the length of the boat. I had to try to explain the trade off one has to make if he wants to use his or her boat on the whole river. At my age, The white water isn’t as exciting as it once was. If you keep your bow pointed downstream and you’re not likely to roll. It’s more important to me to have enough space to bring along some comforts for several nights camping. I’m outa time for now, Later.


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