In Door Living

Got moved in a cheap ass apartment. Working on the cash flow 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. Don’t need much more than a place to get warm, shower, eat, and sleep at the hours I’m working. Working on getting a small truck or van and of course a 24/7 internet connection. I mostly sleep on the few hours I’m off anyhow. Well, I can report all is good, Now!

I’ll complain about the junkie neighbors in a later post. For now they are keeping real quiet when they hear me on the stairs. I got a rep for throwing folks down the stairs and out the window here. Doesn’t matter that those events happened mostly a decade ago. I earned the rep in my blacksmith days when I had a shorter temper. I also posted a recent target from the range, on my door, with a clover leaf of .45 bullit holes, center mass of a zombie target. They know I pack as well wear Kevlar and carry a back up. So, I anticipate no future problems. Wish Yall Happy holidays. I know these holidays will be good fer me. Later, out here, Dragon sends.


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