Checking In

Got some new ideas to try out here.  I decided to stop playing on FaceBook and get serious about something else.  Posted a pic of the mountain howitzer firing earlier this year at a school demo.  The cannon is owned by my brother in law.  And I have been press ganged into being the ordinance sargeant for the piece. It’s tough work by someone has to do it. I got lots more toys to play with now. I hope to post more about them as time goes on.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
M1841 mountain howitzer

A M1841 12-pounder mountain howitzer at the U.S. Army Field Artillery Museum, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Examples of the pack saddles used to carry the barrel are visible in the background.
Type Mountain gun
Place of origin United States
Service history
In service 1841–1865?
Used by  USA
Wars American Indian Wars, Mexican–American War, American Civil War
Weight 220 pounds (100 kg) (barrel weight only), 500 pounds (227 kg) with carriage

Caliber 12 lb (4.62 in)
Carriage pole trail
Effective firing range 1,005 yards (919 m)

The M1841 mountain howitzer was a mountain gun used by the United States Army during the mid-nineteenth century, from 1837 to about 1870. It saw service during the Mexican–American War of 1847-1848, the American Indian Wars, and during the American Civil War, 1861-1865 (primarily in the more rugged western theaters).


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2 Responses to Checking In

  1. Damn photo won’t load.

  2. anonymous says:

    Glad to hear you are still around. Man, shooting blackpowder cannons – how cool is that !

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