On The Raising of Chickens

Back in April we got 25 baby chicks and brought them home. It’s been a fun ride ever since. 6 of the birds cost full price and the rest cost .25 cents each. We lost one bird to unknown causes. The rest are doing fine. The best advice I received, was to forget the science and have fun raising them. Hell, give them names and spoil them rotten. They are averaging 18 eggs a day now. All for the cost of feed. Scratch grains , cracked corn, and layer crumbles. They go nuts for meal worms.    Egg size varies at first and then it becomes stable. One of the girls is producing an extra large egg, with a double yolk.         Always wash your hands after handling poultry, is advisable, to avoid Salmonella.  Keep the coup area reasonably clean to avoid any problems.  I pressure wash them (coup area) weekly, to keep the area tidy. ( We have an artesian well. ) The  coups are built on flag stones ( recycled ) and in front of the coups are river gravel. It makes cleaning the high traffic areas less of a chore.  Good common sense is the key to success here.       Before I leave this post, Chickens are escape artists. They will exploit any weakness in the perimeter fence. They can fly over fences too, Though they rarely get to far from the feeders.      Have fun, I’m done posting this  AM. Later, Out.


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2 Responses to On The Raising of Chickens

  1. Mrs Shoes says:

    Trim their flight feathers and the chickens won’t be flying anywheres. There are lots of youtube videos to show exactly which feather to cut, just don’t cut too deep because you can make them bleed if you do (only the feather part needs cutting).

  2. They rarely fly anywhere now, so I will forgo any cutting. They have adjusted well and made the yard their own. I am surprised how social they are.

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