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Back From The Farm

Was working on the Bobcat on the farm, fixing one of the implements. Didn’t get to fire the Nagant , due to impossibility of finding ammo. That was one of the things I had feared and one of the reasons … Continue reading

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On The Raising of Chickens

Back in April we got 25 baby chicks and brought them home. It’s been a fun ride ever since. 6 of the birds cost full price and the rest cost .25 cents each. We lost one bird to unknown causes. … Continue reading

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Chickens Nuggets Movie

Meet the chicken nuggets. The damn birds are always hungry 🙂 25 chickens in a feeding frenzy. Sorry for the rough cut. ISA Browns, 3 Jersey Giants, 3 Silver Laced, 1 Silky, 1 Bantam Rooster, 2 Leghorn hens, 2 Leghorn … Continue reading

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Mosin Nagant 91/30

I finally got a Mosin I like. It has the brightest bore I have seen in a long time. Paid to much for it in my estimation, But it’s mine now. I’ll have to post about it some more after … Continue reading

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Checking In

Got some new ideas to try out here.  I decided to stop playing on FaceBook and get serious about something else.  Posted a pic of the mountain howitzer firing earlier this year at a school demo.  The cannon is owned … Continue reading

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Back From Oblivion

I`m still kicking. Gonna have to post the back story sometime soon. Goes to say I succeeded in trading in the bike for a 4×4 S10 truck and got out of dodge. Nowdays I raise chickens and care for horses … Continue reading

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The Apocalypse Buggout Bike

12 speed with twist grip shifting, steel frame, steel rims, Kenda K816 Tires, Thorn Resistant tubes, Schwinn cargo rack w/ammo can, Zefal USB Light Set Combo, old school sprung seat (changed to a schwinn quilted padded spring seat), 5 minute … Continue reading

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Ice Road Pennsylvania

Delivering on the Johnstown area hills, where folks don’t plow the roads or their driveways since just after new years. I was out of work by Christmas eve till after new years day.  I’m looking for work now even as … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

Posting from a new laptop. Still don’t have a 24/7 net connection. In other news, I installed the ATI Tactical Butt stock and fore-end on the Rossi 12. I also installed a true glo front sight. It does make a … Continue reading

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In Door Living

Got moved in a cheap ass apartment. Working on the cash flow 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. Don’t need much more than a place to get warm, shower, eat, and sleep at the hours I’m working. Working … Continue reading

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