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The Apocalypse Buggout Bike

12 speed with twist grip shifting, steel frame, steel rims, Kenda K816 Tires, Thorn Resistant tubes, Schwinn cargo rack w/ammo can, Zefal USB Light Set Combo, old school sprung seat (changed to a schwinn quilted padded spring seat), 5 minute … Continue reading

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New Wheels

Pictured is my newest freedom machine. 29 inch beach cruiser single speed. It is about to get an 24 volt dc electrical upgrade, so I don’t have a heart attack on the hills. Other upgrades planned: Panniers, Lights, Radio, Trailer, … Continue reading

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Talking About Boats

Back when I was fleshing out what I wanted in a boat for a planned expedition, I ran afoul of a bunch of know-it-alls. Big on advice they wouldn’t never put in to practice personally and generally useless in any … Continue reading

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Grid Down, Boat Stuff, A Solar Improvisation…

As near as I can tell almost the entire Southwest Pa corner went dark this afternoon. No mention on the news, The power Co’s web site, ever unhelpful was reporting a few hundred customers out. Boat Stuff:  To speed things … Continue reading

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Everybody Knows…

I swear, some folks don’t know their a$$es from a hole inna ground. I guess this comes under myths and legends. Let’s get started. I shoot brass frame pistols with live rounds without problems. Including converter cylinders. FACT! I got … Continue reading

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Changing Gears

Wow, I got spammed something fierce in the last 24. But, WP caught it all. Long time followers will remember all the sun post’s I used to do. Well this link is one to follow for a few months. 4MIN … Continue reading

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Dirt Poor

Back when I was a kid, I had to go find shells to reload if I wanted to shoot any. I would come home with a five gallon bucket full and Pap and I would sort them and choose some … Continue reading

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We’re Not Gonna Take It

We knew it in 1985….. COME OUT AND PLAY…..

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More DIY and Flogging Molly for Attitude

SIMPLE 9 FREE plans I like this one for a small portable creek explorer craft. Though I would mod it some. Mods would include: 3/8 ply construction, Add one foot length, A more aggressive bow angle, A smidgen of … Continue reading

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I Told You So

Space Weather News for Feb. 15, 2013 RUSSIAN METEOR EXPLOSION: Today, Feb. 15th, a meteor exploded in the daytime skies of Chelyabinsk, Russian.  Shock waves from the blast shattered windows in many buildings and sent onlookers to the hospital … Continue reading

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