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Bike Post 2

The bike goes back to the retailer Sat. Something about a bent peddle crank. I was pleased with it’s performance right up until the crank bent during a bill paying run. I may upgrade my choice instead of just accepting … Continue reading

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The Mother of Invention

I didn’t get out on the river for the forth. Oh well, just a statement and not crying. That is about to change. One of the things that made this country great was innovation. I ain’t got XYZ, so how … Continue reading

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Talking About Boats

Back when I was fleshing out what I wanted in a boat for a planned expedition, I ran afoul of a bunch of know-it-alls. Big on advice they wouldn’t never put in to practice personally and generally useless in any … Continue reading

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Grid Down, Boat Stuff, A Solar Improvisation…

As near as I can tell almost the entire Southwest Pa corner went dark this afternoon. No mention on the news, The power Co’s web site, ever unhelpful was reporting a few hundred customers out. Boat Stuff:  To speed things … Continue reading

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The Poor Mans Gun Part 2

Excerpts from Excalibur catalog. Lots of interesting stuff around.I forgot to include the Flat spot link:

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Two of the Best Off the Grid Ideas

#1. Float Cabin, WOW, It’s one of the best done examples I have seen in a while. This guy gets small solar and small wind and that’s why it works so well. I love it. #2.  Rocket Stove, KISS principle … Continue reading

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The Right Stuff

This one has enough of the right stuff to make my April trip. I still will have to tune it up a notch. More of an old school design. Not like the plastic boats that can’t deliver and cost 3-6 … Continue reading

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Boat Electricals and Electronics

I’m a the electrical stage of the boat design. You can go nuts here. Both mentally and breaking the bank. I need a VHF radio, running lights, navigation, ect… Of course I plan on using wind and solar for to … Continue reading

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More DIY and Flogging Molly for Attitude

SIMPLE 9 FREE plans I like this one for a small portable creek explorer craft. Though I would mod it some. Mods would include: 3/8 ply construction, Add one foot length, A more aggressive bow angle, A smidgen of … Continue reading

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River Trip

I got my first prep for the river trip in the mail yesterday. a spanking brand new wet suit from Dive Masters. It was an year end closeout for last years model. No big, and it is warm. I put … Continue reading

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