Ice Road Pennsylvania

Delivering on the Johnstown area hills, where folks don’t plow the roads or their driveways since just after new years. I was out of work by Christmas eve till after new years day.  I’m looking for work now even as I type this one out. I’m still looking for a route or hotshot position. In my spare time I draw out some boat designs and put them through the wringer, trying to prove they are worth building. After the holidays I was one of the last temporary drivers still working after the holiday surge. The money got mighty thin then too. I had a bad asthma attack and made the mistake of going to the E.R. instead of a Med Express. The hospital milked out the occasion, necessitating my signing my self out after 24 hours and getting to a med express, quick like where I was restored to health in 2 hours. The wonders that a shot of steroids and one of antibiotics will do. Add to that a few breathing treatments and some prescriptions, costing just under 500 bucks for the whole shebang. I’m good to go for a few more months till the cold snap is history. The 15601 hospital is westmoreland and it is criminal what they get away with. I advise never letting them near your loved ones unless you don’t care what happens to them. Excella is a name I would avoid for the future. They act like the were trained by the medical staff from Auschwitz. They are that bad. If you are in the 15601 area, go to Latrobe or Monroeville for treatments. Ya been warned.  Med Express good in my book and Excella bad.

I’ll be needing a new bike for when the weather gets warm, as I intend to working out with the bicycle rides. I’m working on a new healthier me. Exercise, vitamins, diet, maybe I can add a few years to my life or at least make the latter years of my life easier. I got to drop this right here and get doing some important stuff, so I’ll see ya’ll, on the water in the spring. Dragon out.


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  1. sw says:

    I would also stay away from a certain hospital in 18301 zip code, if you’re ever in Monroe County. I think I would go to Scranton if I needed serious attention.

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