Back From Oblivion

I`m still kicking. Gonna have to post the back story sometime soon. Goes to say I succeeded in trading in the bike for a 4×4 S10 truck and got out of dodge. Nowdays I raise chickens and care for horses on a farm. I use my boomstick as a weed wacker and have bought a Ruger 9mm. Cutting weeds and pruning trees with a 12 guage is some fun doings. My health is still not the best. So I take things one day at a time.

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The Apocalypse Buggout Bike


12 speed with twist grip shifting, steel frame, steel rims, Kenda K816 Tires, Thorn Resistant tubes, Schwinn cargo rack w/ammo can, Zefal USB Light Set Combo, old school sprung seat (changed to a schwinn quilted padded spring seat), 5 minute Camo paint, cheap combination lock, new race bearings and packing.  Still under $100.00 USD.  I got it for nothing and the only maintenance it has received for the last 5 years, has been air and WD40, Till this April. Now, is when the Kenda tires and tubes came in. It has been a daily ride since last Nov, averaging 16 miles round trip from home to work and back.   Not pictured are the saddle bags with its mountings.

This is a work in  progress. Still to come is Suspension, Electric and Gas Engines, The Buggout Trailer. Maybe even a pop up camper for it.

In other news, I upgraded my apartment for one with a little more space for another 25 bucks a month. I’m still working at the terminal, but as a package handler.  Later, Dragon.

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Ice Road Pennsylvania

Delivering on the Johnstown area hills, where folks don’t plow the roads or their driveways since just after new years. I was out of work by Christmas eve till after new years day.  I’m looking for work now even as I type this one out. I’m still looking for a route or hotshot position. In my spare time I draw out some boat designs and put them through the wringer, trying to prove they are worth building. After the holidays I was one of the last temporary drivers still working after the holiday surge. The money got mighty thin then too. I had a bad asthma attack and made the mistake of going to the E.R. instead of a Med Express. The hospital milked out the occasion, necessitating my signing my self out after 24 hours and getting to a med express, quick like where I was restored to health in 2 hours. The wonders that a shot of steroids and one of antibiotics will do. Add to that a few breathing treatments and some prescriptions, costing just under 500 bucks for the whole shebang. I’m good to go for a few more months till the cold snap is history. The 15601 hospital is westmoreland and it is criminal what they get away with. I advise never letting them near your loved ones unless you don’t care what happens to them. Excella is a name I would avoid for the future. They act like the were trained by the medical staff from Auschwitz. They are that bad. If you are in the 15601 area, go to Latrobe or Monroeville for treatments. Ya been warned.  Med Express good in my book and Excella bad.

I’ll be needing a new bike for when the weather gets warm, as I intend to working out with the bicycle rides. I’m working on a new healthier me. Exercise, vitamins, diet, maybe I can add a few years to my life or at least make the latter years of my life easier. I got to drop this right here and get doing some important stuff, so I’ll see ya’ll, on the water in the spring. Dragon out.

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Happy Holidays

Posting from a new laptop. Still don’t have a 24/7 net connection. In other news, I installed the ATI Tactical Butt stock and fore-end on the Rossi 12. I also installed a true glo front sight. It does make a difference and was well worth the 35 ducats for the stock, and the 14 ducats for the sight assy. I’ll have to add here that I’ll be looking at more of the products from ATI in the future. The stock is a well thought out product. I see a recoil pad in my future though. The overall impression is the length of pull is longer and the gun points well, naturally lining up on target with minimal effort.

I’m still shopping for wheels. Also as the years comes to a close, I’ll be looking for a new job. I’m not too worried in that regards.  I’ll close here, wishing everyone a happy holidays. I’m hoping that your holidays was as happy as mine was. Dragon out.

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In Door Living

Got moved in a cheap ass apartment. Working on the cash flow 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. Don’t need much more than a place to get warm, shower, eat, and sleep at the hours I’m working. Working on getting a small truck or van and of course a 24/7 internet connection. I mostly sleep on the few hours I’m off anyhow. Well, I can report all is good, Now!

I’ll complain about the junkie neighbors in a later post. For now they are keeping real quiet when they hear me on the stairs. I got a rep for throwing folks down the stairs and out the window here. Doesn’t matter that those events happened mostly a decade ago. I earned the rep in my blacksmith days when I had a shorter temper. I also posted a recent target from the range, on my door, with a clover leaf of .45 bullit holes, center mass of a zombie target. They know I pack as well wear Kevlar and carry a back up. So, I anticipate no future problems. Wish Yall Happy holidays. I know these holidays will be good fer me. Later, out here, Dragon sends.

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Almost Out of the Woods

Almost there. Perseverance is the word of the day. Working two jobs helps too. Somebody up there likes me, I needed a GPS and one went on sale today for 40 bucks. It will really help with the day job. I even worked a third job on sunday to help out with the cash flow. The only down side I can report is, I been going through bike tires at the rate of one a week. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, enough so that I’m gonna need shades. The preps kept me eating and hydrated through the whole time.  The lesson I learned is that you can be flush with cash and still end up homeless and landlords are heartless when they have you at a disadvantage.  I still make it to work through sleet, or snow, or even rain. The cold temps are a minor nuisance at times.

I still don’t have a steady internet connection as of yet. That is not a priority item yet. It will be in about a week.  Stay Frosty my readers, I’m almost back to normal. Later, Dragon Out.

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Blogs From Woods

It happened, things went south in a hurry, so I’m living outdoors for a while. I can’t seem to touch base when the new landlord when I’m off work. Every day I peddle to work 2 hours at 5:30 am, to be 15 minutes early to work. I’m not complaining though, as I’m in way better shape these days. I credit the bike rides I been taking for the past few years with me being able to pass the DOT physical. Some time soon I’ll have to post my rules for living quasi-homeless. Don’t worry none though, as I’m an old country boy and as tough as they come. By the way, the chinese pellet gun is a dandy squirrel gun. Not that I’m that down, but sometimes I need the taste of fresh meat.  Anyhow, I got enuff material to blog for six months, stories and such. Today, I have Wendy’s for the internet connection.

Tip of the day: Cutting coupons saves some needed coin, when you live on the road. Dragon, Out.

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New Stuff.

M,kay, I got a new job starting Thursday, driving a delivery van. Most of you arew unaware that I was evicted from my former diggs. No Problem, I dug my thumbs into my bootstraps and gave hard pull. So I’m almost out of the hole.

Never trust family.  Family is what got me into this mess. I wish them their own  karma and move on.  I sold most of my construction tools and even my furniture to get me out of this mess. On the good side of things, I passed my DOT physical and was awarded a 2 year medical cert. I’ll be looking for a place to get trained for a CDL now.

Come early spring it will be back to the boat builds as I’m looking to build a 16×6 Chugger.  Something like this.

I may be MIA for a few weeks till I get everything back to normal. But I’ll be back. Count on that. Stay Frosty, Dragon out.

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I have no internet for a while now. See  you when I get connected again.

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Tesla’s 158th Birthday July 10, 2014


“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9,
then you would have the key to the universe.”
quote – Nikola Tesla

electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels.”
quote ~ Nikola Tesla

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena,
it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
quote ~ Nikola Tesla

“The present is theirs; the future,
for which I really worked, is mine.”
quote ~ Nikola Tesla

July 10, 1856 – Nikola Tesla was born in Vojna Krajina, which is now part of Croatia. Tesla was probably the greatest inventor, scientist and electrical engineer of his day, if not of all time, though because he was a decent, honest and eccentric fellow, I regret most people hardly even know of him. But you can thank Tesla every time you plug something into your wall socket, turn on a radio, and use a little electricity. You can learn more about his life at the Tesla Society, Wikipedia.

Happy Birthday NIKOLA TESLA !!! Just take one moment today… the 10th of July !!! To remember this man… He who gave us AC electricity.
Happy Birthday Great One. Thank you for all that you have done for all of humanity ! We will never forget you.

Note: Special Announcement Will Be Made

Shoreham, New York — July 10, 2014 Around the nation and the world, July 10 is Nikola Tesla Day. On this date, the 158th anniversary of the visionary inventor’s birth, his highly creative life will be celebrated from 10 a.m. to noon with several flag raisings and birthday cake. The candles will be lit at the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe, now being built on the 16acre site of Tesla’s last laboratory, at the intersection of Route 25A and Randall Road in Shoreham. The event will be live streamed at
Representatives of our United States Congressman and one of our Senators, as well as elected officials from New York State, Suffolk County, Brookhaven Town, and Shoreham Village will be on hand to recognize Tesla with proclamations and a flag raising ceremony.
Professor W. Bernard Carlson, a distinguished historian from the University of Virginia and author of a definitive biography of Tesla, will speak on the subject, “Nikola Tesla: Visionary
of the Information Age.” Birthday cake, music, and live streaming to three cities across the globe will be part of the
celebration. Of particular note, Tesla Science Center Board members and special guests will have an exciting news.

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