Who You Calling Old?

Because, I like this Song?

When I get there, the old folks home gonna be rockin.

Got a line on some work. So, it’s all good fer the bit.

Need some ACϟDC to rock out too.


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4 Responses to Who You Calling Old?

  1. Sixbears says:

    Old ain’t dead.

    Besides . . . I think you might be younger than me. I’m 55.

  2. I’m 53 and I only feel about 12 when I’m pain free. Thanks to Curamin and Traumeel, I’m not feeling any pain and I’m not impaired by these Natural cures. I’ve got some work on the way and payday is before the bills is due. So it’s all good. One of my lady friends has been calling me old. I invited her over to test out her theory and bring a lady friend to pick up the slack.

  3. See Sea says:

    Love the old stuff. I grew up on it. One of my all time favorites:

  4. ACϟDC music with attitude.

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